Headlamps Cleaning

If you loved cars why has it not been renewed.
Polishing headlamps will improve road visibility by 40 %.

You really won’t be disappointed, especially on the dark winter evenings…

Need to improve road visibility but don’t want to purchase brand new headlights?

VIP Garage offers an expert headlamp cleaning service. If you’ve noticed your lights are dimming or appearing cloudy, a professional clean can work wonders. Available for all vehicles, polishing the headlamps will enhance both the aesthetic and function, whether you drive a large SUV or smaller coupe. Road visibility improves by an impressive 40%. This quick and efficient restoration service is a great option for individuals who want to give their beloved car a little bit of extra TLC and a brand-new look without the hefty price tag.

Using specialist techniques, our highly skilled team pride themselves on producing results. This bespoke Birmingham service is the perfect affordable alternative to replacing your headlamps. We incorporate exceptional cleaning materials and polishes into the restoration process, removing that stubborn hazy layer and any discolouration. Improving road visibility, especially on dark nights, your newly cleaned headlamps will appear brand new.

If you are based in Birmingham or the West Midlands and would like information on headlamps cleaning, VIP Garage is a reliable, family-friendly choice. Our headlamp cleaning service costs just £40 and takes around 30 minutes. This is a much cheaper option when compared to replacing your headlights and is available for all makes and models. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are the benefits of having your headlamps professionally cleaned?

  • Polishing headlamps will improve road driving visibility by 40% as the process removes haze, discoloration and restores both lights back to clear. This in turn hugely improves your safety as better visibility means there is less risk of an accident.
  • Refines the appearance and retail value of your car, as the dull, cloudy hue which can materialise in the headlamp is polished away. A fresh, clean look stands out.
  • Saves you money as opting for a professional cleaning and restoration service is a much simpler and more affordable option than replacing your headlamps completely.

Polishing headlamps will improve road visibility by 40 %.

  • Range before polishing
  • Range after polishing

Headlamps cleaning benefits

  • Removes haze, discoloration and restores headlamps back to clear.
  • Improves driving visibility.
  • Improves your safety.
  • Improves appearance and retail value.
  • Saves money.
  • Headlamps appearance
  • Headlamps cleaning
  • Headlamps visibility distance

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