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We are reliable professionals with over 15 years of experience.

We can install to any specification or % Tint.

We don’t ask any questions, so you’ll be able to spec your car exactly the way you want.

We listen to our customers and work with cars and make the best styling solutions. Please check out the Car Gallery section. We guarantee to beat any quotes for xenon lights, windows tinting and car electronics. We also install parking radars and handsfree systems.

What out customers say:

Jarek Szyfman
Jarek S.
12:40 24 Jun 20
Ash 786
Ash 7.
16:48 23 Jun 20
Very good kit and good service! Experience is at it's best! Will recommend and will come back!
18:34 18 Jun 20
ligitas kavaliauskas
ligitas K.
15:39 13 Jun 20
Very good fast service and a very nice person
lee brown
lee B.
12:48 14 May 20
21:01 28 Apr 20
Quick fix on my headlights.Highly recommended, very nice guy.
Naqeeb Mahmood
Naqeeb M.
18:00 17 Apr 20
nikhil rana
nikhil R.
16:29 15 Mar 20
Best one in my opinion, Great job
Bruno D'Isep
Bruno D.
16:04 23 Feb 20
Very good
Aqyy Aqib
Aqyy A.
03:33 14 Jan 20
Andrius Varnagys
Andrius V.
18:51 03 Jan 20
Very professional and exceptional quality. Don't go anywhere else. For xenon lights and window tinting, he's your guy!
Maruf Khan
Maruf K.
20:00 16 Dec 19
This is the only place I ever get headlights done. Quick service and he's a nice guy who knows what he's doing. Will definitely be back for all my other cars.
That Guy
That G.
17:42 05 Dec 19
Ivor Eborall
Ivor E.
14:44 06 Oct 19
Madalin Rosu
Madalin R.
00:57 26 Jun 19
Very cheap for xennon bulb's and the guy is a professional I took my mercedes there and he did a excellent job on my headlights
Gee Ahmed
Gee A.
16:48 23 May 19
Made my windows nice and tinty!😎
bigpoppa k
bigpoppa k
08:26 28 Apr 19
Beat place in Birmingham for windows tinting
Dovydas Dosa
Dovydas D.
14:14 27 Apr 19
Taken 2 of my cars to VIP Garage and also recommend a few of my friends! Brilliant service.
Syed Ahmed
Syed A.
09:34 18 Apr 19
Just took my tiguan in today for my lights do be done . What a great job and tidy work love them thanks 👍👍👌👌
Darren Chapman
Darren C.
14:38 04 Apr 19
Good Service. Professional
Bu Tom
Bu T.
16:19 06 Feb 19
Marius Simanavicius
Marius S.
15:09 06 Dec 18
HID upgrade for my Porsche 911. Very knowledgeable and friendly guy. Why fit it yourself when for a resonable fee you can get the expert to fit it for you in 20 mins. No brainer. Can't recommend enough. Great value. Will be back with my other car soon! Thanks 🙂
15:41 01 Dec 18
Good service good person
khalid mahmood
khalid M.
16:06 24 Oct 18
Had my Golf Gt tdi remapped from here , great service great guy
Adil Rouf
Adil R.
20:37 24 Sep 18
Best service, genuine and friendly also car Enthusiast does the job for passion rather than money like most garages! Definitely going back for more modifications!
Ed Fussi
Ed F.
18:59 18 Sep 18
very happy, well done job, great professional, I highly recommended
Andrej Bess
Andrej B.
13:09 12 Sep 18
Darren Taylor
Darren T.
22:47 09 Aug 18
Fantastic job, fast and good service!!!
Eimantas Strazdauskskas
Eimantas S.
21:45 04 Aug 18
Brilliant place to get windows tinted very friendly guys
anthony stevens
anthony S.
15:50 21 Apr 18
Great fast service.
Jayram Singh
Jayram S.
16:19 26 Jan 18
Louis Davies
Louis D.
13:26 09 Jan 18
Brilliant service just had my hids done perfect job
triga hitman
triga H.
17:05 23 Nov 17
Tomasz Lewandowski
Tomasz L.
15:52 07 Jun 17
Thomas Dolan
Thomas D.
22:40 04 Jun 17
Krzysztof Tomaszek
Krzysztof T.
07:17 27 Apr 17
Fantastic service and a great price I would not go any where else Andrew has great knowledge of HID kit's and all the work is done by him 👌👍
Nisar Afzal
Nisar A.
03:29 28 Dec 16
Excellent job
Arshad mahmood
Arshad M.
01:11 17 Jun 16
William Hudd
William H.
17:22 20 Apr 16
Jay Money
Jay M.
23:08 01 Dec 15
Excellent - they did a fantastic job to my Audi and windows are amazing - highly recommended and they will go the extra mile for you - hard working and very reliable company!!
Anon Anon
Anon A.
18:54 17 Apr 15

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